Old school throwback version of the ASMDSS Smokin Skull Logo
Savage AF with zero regrets. Are you?
The Greek God of time led the Olympians in a ten year war against the Titans, driving them in defeat and becoming their king. Often thought to be the predecessor to the Grim Reaper.
America seeks peace at all costs. But behind the beauty of the Red, White and Blue is the face of death that will be unleashed upon our enemies when threatened.
 When America’s Enemies see these colors they know we came to play...and win. Also check out > America's Away Colors - MARPAT
Chaos Actual has one message when it comes to what America's Armed Forces should be focused on.
 The VA has their idea of what constitutes effective therapy...and I have mine. Are you a fan of Group Therapy?
WIT AND WISDOM FROM AMERICA'S FINEST The official tie-in book to the wildly popular Facebook page, featuring brand-new crazy, off-the-wall, outrageously funny, and downright "awesome" pearls of wisdom from real-life drill sergeants and instructors from all branches of the military. SWEAT DRIES. BLOOD CLOTS. BONES HEAL. SUCK IT UP, BUTTERCUP....
ASMDSS Skull Logo Patch in ACU Light color scheme. Hook and loop backing.
ASMDSS Skull Logo Patch in OCP/Multicam color scheme. Hook and loop backing.
WRAP YOURSELF IN FREEDOM!  Feel safe and warm in the official DD 214® blanket!   100% Polyester Fleece dd214 blanket SMALL   40" x 30" Fleece Blanket  MEDIUM  60” x 50” Fleece Blanket  LARGE  80” x 60” Fleece Blanket 


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